Freitag, 16. Juli 2010

Two very different people

Don't know if all of you heard about what Laurent Fignon said about Andy getting the bottles for his teammates - to say it shortly he wasn't too happy about it.

Our favourite TdF-rider just answered that it wasn't the first time him and Fignon had different opinions and that he already was in the back part of the peloton so he just decided to get the bottles because he had the shortest way. Not too sure if he actually had the shortest way but anyway it's nice he did it. The Saxoboys are working for him all day long and so he paid them back by bringing them something to drink.

Pretty obvious Fignon and the younger Schleck bro are quite different people - pretty sure not just in this way... You can guess the other one ;)

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Klo hat gesagt…

Does Andy have a girlfriend?