Mittwoch, 14. Juli 2010

Knock, knock

Unbelievable but true... It seems like I'm still alive and still think that Andy and Fränk are simply the best. It's been a long time since I posted anything, hope that someone interested is still out there but I won't make any promises because I know that I couldn't keep my promise last time. But I'll do my very best...

Last time I wrote something about my favourite cyclists, Andy had just won Liège - Bastogne - Lièg, I was still an ordinary student preparing for exams and life was pretty good.Today life is still pretty good, to be honest even better - I'm back from Australia, an amazing country where I spent my gap-year (but please don't expect me to spell the words correctly even after a year down under, I can't spell to save my life in either language I know...) and Andy wears the colour that suits him best - YELLOW!!!

Unfortunately the Tour wasn't too kind to Fränk but at least now he can spend more time with his little baby girl Leea and his wife and I'm sure that when Andy comes to Paris in his yellow jersey, we will see a damn proud older brother there. When I came back to the blog I actually smiled a bit when I saw that I wrote more than a year ago that Fränkie would make a great daddy. Maybe he's listening to me... If you do Fränk - get well very soon! :)

I hope that I'll find a couple of good pictures, videos and stories during the upcoming weeks until life gets busy again when uni starts! To start off I would have loved to show you a video I saw some days ago on German televisions about Andy.
Just to sum it up: 95% of the people in Luxembourg know our lovely Schlecks and often call them heros - even if it's almost impossible for me to like Andy even more, I do now because of what he said "I don't like when the people say that I'm a hero, I'm not a hero at all. People who save lifes are heros. I just do the sport I love and do my best, when people are happy about that I'm happy but to say that I'm a hero - no, not at all - that's such a big word."
I think it's great that Andy is so down to earth. The rest of the little report why Andy is so successful was about the family and where they live. Papa Schleck thinks the biggest reason why all their sons are still living in Mondorf is because Mama Schleck is a really great cook - they always come to have some of her food. Lovely boys...

About the best brothers' future Papa Schleck didn't say anything new at all, just that he once told them to always ride for the same team so they don't have to ride against each other. We'll see.
And I see you. Hopefully. :)

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