Dienstag, 25. November 2008

Mäi Munneref

And here is the translation of the Revue article about Fränk. Unfortunately it is just an excerpt and we can find more in the edition 27/07 of this magazine. So if someone his this one please let me know ;)

The only problem I have with the translation is the headline... Unfortunately I can't speak Luxembourgian but nevertheless I would say that 'Mäi Munneref' must be "My Mondorf' in English... Anyway, here is the translation

My Mondorf

To Fränk Schleck his hometown means more than just the place he comes back to after a hard race and refuel his energy tank. Mondorf is he personel retreat.

Two strong guys: Fränk poses with the stature of John Grün which stands near his home.

"There are some anecdotes which must be told for this story.", says Fränk and and sits down comfortably. One of them is the anecdote of the 'Rousebierg'. This is a mountain near the home of young Fränk and it was the first mountain he tried to ride on when he was young. "At first I never reached the top of the mountain. I always had to dismount and walk the bike."

But then someday the 'Rousebierg' was just a snap anymore. That was the time when Fränk and his younger brother Andy put the fear of God into the boys of their neighbourhood. "Weorganized races just for fun. We always had our nose in front and won.", remembers Fränk. Both were such bundles of energy, that some of their mates flagges and went home tired while the brothers went on.

Since decembre of 1984 the family Schleck lives in spa Bad Mondorf. At this time Fränk was four and a half years old. He can still remember his school days. In the school yard the old chestnut trees are still standing, while the building are renovated.

Lovely relic: The little French-Luxemburgish costumhouse is a true eyecatcher

Also Charlotte Strasser is kept in good memory. The mother of famous footballer Jeff Strasser was Fränks teacher. "I really liked her. She was always nice." Like most of the boys during that age Fränk did a lot of sports. His parents made a point doing that. Football and table tennis. But to play football in the team of US Mondorf was never his great passion. Others were better in it. He also was an acolyte. "I've always been a good boy.", says he and smiles.

But there was trouble one time when he aimed high and climbed on the community antenna. When they were young he and his brothers had a lot of nonsense on their heads. They always needed action. Thankfully there is a big forest in and around Mondorf which were meant to play in it.

"We lived in close touch with the nature and went for walks with our dog often." Fränk is still in close touch with the nature. In his free time he likes to go hunting.

Unfortunately the articles stops at this moment. I would love to read the rest... Anyway, hope you enjoy it.


First of all a biiiiiig thank you to Marit for both of the links ;) I will post a short translation of the article about Fränk later (as a little excuse that I didn't post anything for quite a long time)...
It's been a a long time since the last new pics of the Schlecks but here are some from the survival camp in Danmark...

Andy, set your sights on ...

... and shot ...

... won??

Hopefully! Because I just can hope that this ... erm ... let's call it yeti-wig ... was the award for the best shooter. I personally prefer yellow and/or white jerseys.

Why isn't Fränkie wearing a uniform like Andy??

Especially for Rina (and all other Andy-addicts).

Goodbye! Hope for more pics in the future ;)

Sonntag, 9. November 2008

With a little help from my friend...

I asked a friend of mine to make a little video about Andy and Fränk because she often makes fanvideos (mostly about tennisplayers and figure skaters). I thought that there are to less videos about them and to my great joy she did it, I hope you will enjoy it.

Sonntag, 2. November 2008

(Almost) Everything we wanted

And the winner is Andy Schleck

43% of the fangirls wanted puppy-Schleck to win the Amstel Curacao Race and he fulfilled the wish of the majority. Well done! It's great to fulfil fangirls dreams ;)

Unfortunately I don't know in which place Fränkie came but he fulfilled the fangirls dreams with a lot of semi-naked pics of himself. Even if he upseted us a bit (--> Martine), that is a good redress.

Reminds me a bit of baywatch ;) But hey, which girl wouldn't like to be saved by sexy-Schleck?!

The overall classements or at least the top 3 because I can't find more ;)

1. Andy Schleck (yippie, yippie, yeah)
2. Stijn Devolder
3. Theo Bos

More men and dolphin... Even if I would love to see more of their bodies. Sure, there are some great pics of Fränkie (see above) but I'm still waiting for some hot Andy pics! So, way to go Tim de Waele - my god of cycling photos ;)

At last a bit Schleck art. Janni already said everything what should be said. I'm totally going with her that Fränkie should stick to drawing bicycles and I'm sure that Martine also agrees with us because she really looks sceptical ;) So that's it for the moment, maybe more later...